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Places to Visit Near Castel Sant Angelo

St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica, which is also known as New St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the holiest sites for Christians worldwide. It attracts a vast number of worshippers & regular tourists also because it’s amongst the places to visit near Castel Sant'Angelo. The basilica's foundation was laid by Pope Julius II in 1506 and completed in 1615. Because of its magnificent structure and architecture, it is also regarded as the most significant building of its age. Its design is laid down in a manner that gives an overall impression of a 3-aisled Latin cross.

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Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel is one of the pilgrimage places near Castel Sant'Angelo, and many Christians visit the site, which has been built in the heart of Vatican City. Sistine Chapel’s name is inspired by Pope Sixtus IV Della Rovere, revered highly by the worshippers. A Christian pilgrimage site in the heart of Vatican City attracts visitors and pilgrims worldwide. Pope Sixtus IV Della Rovere inspires its name and is decorated by the false drapes on its inner wall; cardinals gather here to respect the wish of Christ to select the successor of St. Peter. So, the Sistine Chapel's importance is aggravated by the selection of the next Bishop of Rome.

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Villa Borghese
Villa Borghese Gallery and Gardens

The Villa Gardens are the third-largest gardens in Rome, encircling the main Villa Borghese with its rich & lush green landscape. They surround the main Villa Borghese with a lush green landscape. The green surroundings exaggerated the overall appearance of the villa and gallery—the construction of the whole attraction in 1605 by Cardinal Scipione Borghese.

One of the most recommended places is near Castel Sant Angelo; the visiting slots are divided into 2 hours each. The whole place is a cultural center for art, culture, and nature in line with the vision of Cardinal Scipione.

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Colosseum Rome
The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine

The Colosseum of Rome, an ancient arena built by the Roman empire, is a visual spectacle for visitors. It used to host gladiator fights, animal fights, and recreation of events from victorious battles. It had a capacity of 50,000 spectators, and entry was free. Beside the Colosseum, we have the Arch of Constantine, a triumphal arch and tribute to the emperor.

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 Vatican City in Modern Ages
Vatican City

Vatican City has a total area of less than a kilometre, which is why it is the world’s smallest independent state. However, in the city's heart, there are many places to visit near Castel Sant Angelo.

Attractions like Vatican Palace, St. Peter’s Basilica & St. Peter’s Square fetch a lot of devotees and tourists from across the globe. However, every decision concerning the city is taken by the Pope, a respectable figure for Christians worldwide.

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the pantheon
The Pantheon

The Pantheon, whose present was built 2500 years ago, is still intact and represents the exemplary achievements of Roman architecture. But unfortunately, in the year AD 80, it was burnt down to the ground and later rebuilt. Nevertheless, the Pantheon is an architectural marvel whose dome is the third biggest in Rome and has a diameter of 430 metres which highlights the marvellous feat of all engineers and labourers of ancient Rome. With a diameter of 430 metres, it is considered a remarkable feat by all the engineers and workers from that time. But, most importantly, it is suspended without any visible support.

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Roman Forum
Roman Forum

The Roman Forum and its ruins are the epitome of Rome's cultural and political spectrum. Inside the tall walls of the forum, there’s a small piece of ancient Rome; however, the ruins don't give the complete image but can still take us back in time. The Roman forum is definitely among the places to visit near Castel Sant Angelo as it used to be the centre of political and religious activities. The area used to sprawl with courts, markets, shopping malls, etc.

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Trevi Fountain in Rome
Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is amongst the unmatchable places near Castel Sant Angelo, which receives a considerable number of footfalls because of its striking architecture and associated beliefs. This mesmerising architecture was constructed in the 17th century. Since then, it has been the most preferred place for the film industry. Coin-throwing ritual at the Trevi Fountain is a significant highlight where people throw a coin into the fountain and wish for something they desire & according to the ancient tales, the currency thrown into the fountain assures a return trip to Rome shortly.

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Centro Storico
Centro Storico & The Spanish Steps

Centro Storico & The Spanish Steps are amongst the most vibrant centres of Rome, and the streets around the locality are sprawling with art-filled Churches and lively squares. Tourists generally like to stroll around the centre and soak in the mesmerising scenery.

The other spot which always steals the position on the places to visit near Castel Sant Angelo is the Spanish Steps. This Roman attraction is considered one of the most beautiful spots in the city as it is filled with picturesque points and artefacts.

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Piazza Navona
Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is a distinctive architecture and has been dubbed as a structure with Roman character. The overall structure is a piece of art, and the most exciting part is that the dimensions of the dome and the remaining structure are the same. Piazza Navona has been designed on the same model as the Baroque and Rococo churches, thus providing more character to it. One of Bernini's most excellent designers created the centrepiece, which has been one of the places to visit near Castel Sant Angelo.

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Palatine Hill
Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill, located 50 metres above the Tiber, preserves the evidence of Rome’s earliest settlement. In addition, multiple pieces of evidence like rock cuttings found in front of the Temple of Cybele give us information about human activity from the ninth century BC.

One of the other must-visit places near Castel Sant Angelo is the Farnese Gardens situated on Palatine Hill. It was created in the 16th century, full of terraces, pavilions, lawns, flowerbeds, etc.

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 Baths Of Caracalla
Baths of Caracalla

The Baths of Caracalla were a complete sports centre built in the year 216, and the whole facility was well equipped with hot and cold baths, swimming pools, gymnastics, and sports facilities. Baths of Caracalla are among the must places to visit near Castel Sant Angelo and witness its legacy and the vast structure, which was capable of accommodating 1500 people. The baths were decorated with marbles, mosaics, and frescoes whose shimmering sight is intact to date.

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Is it worth visiting Castel Sant Angelo?

Castel Sant Angelo is the mausoleum of Hadrian in the city of Rome. Over the period, it has been used for multiple purposes because of its beautiful architecture. Therefore, it is worth a visit to embrace the architecture and numerous places near Castel Sant Angelo, which should be visited.

What is Castel Sant'Angelo famous for?

Castel Sant Angelo was reserved by the emperor Hadrian to later convert into a mausoleum for him and his family. It has also been used as a fortress and castle by the Pope. Today, it is a place of tourist attraction and also a museum.

What is inside Castel Sant Angelo?

Castel Sant Angelo is the mausoleum of Hadrian. It is one of the most delicate pieces of architecture built during the reigns of the Roman Empire. It has been used as a fortress and palace for Popes. Finally, it was converted into a museum for the public.

How do you get into Castel Sant Angelo?

Castel Sant Angelo has numerous entry and exit points, allowing visitors to choose the suitable entrance according to their travel plans. The castle is well connected with public transport and reaching there is a hassle-free process.

What is St. Peter Basilica famous for?

St. Peter Basilica is one of the most famous places near Castel Sant Angelo. It is also visited by a considerable number of devotees every year. St. Peter's Basilica's foundation was laid down by Pope Julius II and finally completed by 1615.

Can we go inside St Peter's Basilica?

There are no restrictions for anyone to get inside Castel Sant Angelo except the children, who should be accompanied by an adult all the time during the visit. The Castle opens for the general public as early as 7 AM, and the doors are closed at 7 PM.

Who painted the walls of the Sistine Chapel?

Sistine Chapel is a holy and significant place near Castel Sant Angelo for the whole Christina community, and every visitor adores its interior. The magic behind the interior walls is that they were painted by renowned Roman artist Michelangelo, whose work is still regarded as the world’s best today also.

Why is the Sistine Chapel so famous?

Sistine Chapel has significance in the Christian community. All the cathedrals assemble here to select the successor of St. Peter and the ruler of Rome. It is a very holy and essential ritual that is performed after a stipulated duration of time.

Who is buried in the Sistine Chapel?

Apart from being a significant church, Sistine Chapel is also the tomb of Pope Julius II. Pope Julius II is the one who laid down the foundation of St. Peter’s Basilica, which visitors can visit for free.

Is the Borghese Gallery worth seeing?

The Borghese Gallery is an art collection set up at the Borghese Villa. It is a must-visit place.

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